Boards & Committees

The City of Dike is interested in knowing if you would be willing to serve on committees or boards when a vacancy arises. A short description of each board is listed below.

 Library Board

The Library Board has charge, control and supervision of the Library, its accessories, fixtures and rooms. The library board meets the third Tuesday of each month. This is a 6 member board with 6 year terms. Members of the Library Board are:

  • Karen Dodd - President
  • Pam Stumberg - Secretary
  • Helene Wertz - Treasurer
  • Kathy Juhl - Vice President
  • Mike Williams
  • Patricia Pruisner

 Recreation Board

The Recreation Board advises the council on the needed facilities to provide open space such as parks, playgrounds and community facilities for other forms of recreation. It shall also plan and oversee city programs and encourage other programs for the leisure time of the city’s residents of all ages. This is a 5 member board with 3 year terms. Members of the board are:

  • Lindsay Nielsen
  • Scott Connolly
  • Michael Schmitz
  • Heather Andersen
  • Alysha Merfeld

 Board of Adjustment

Board of Adjustment makes decisions on variances and special exceptions that do not comply with the Zoning Ordinance. To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by the administrative officer. To hear and decide only such special exceptions as the board of adjustment is specifically authorized to pass: to decide such questions as are involved in determining whether special exceptions should be granted: and to grant special exceptions with such conditions and safeguards as are appropriate and to deny special exceptions when not in harmony, or appropriate. Attend public hearing when called. This is a 5 member board with 5 year terms. Members of the board are:

  • Tom Verhulst – Chairman
  • Karen Ehmen
  • Steve Dieken
  • Kari Costello
  • David Pruin

 Planning and Zoning

The planning and zoning commission is the advisory body to the council and is responsible for the initial preparation of the zoning ordinance. Thereafter, they make recommendations on all matters relative to the ordinance, on which the council must act, grant or denies the change of zoning, after a public hearing is held. This is a 7 member board with 5 year terms. Members of the board are:

  • Todd Mikkelsen
  • Zeb Stanbrough
  • Joe Becker
  • Open
  • Open
  • Open
  • Open

 LMI Committee

LMI is a committee that will be responsible for Low-To-Moderate Income funds as they become available.  There are guidelines set up for citizens of Dike to apply for these funds. Call the City office for more information. Members of the committee are:

  • Joe Becker
  • Bob Haugebak
  • Loren Bakker
  • Melissa Loger
  • Open